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Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

On our last chat we discussed time management, learn how scheduling your posts is more of an effective use of time. When trying to curate your brand your social media plays a large roll. Often times with out a social media manager brands often let their social media slip aside. Scheduling posts allows you to spend an hour to post a months worth of content.

Of course not included in that hour is the content creating aspect. From planning your feed, taking the photos, and editing it can be a lot of work. I always recommend hiring a photographer or a social media manager that can shoot your content. (Like Buzz Media!)

If you are running your own social media then I highly recommend using Later to plan and schedule your feed. Later allows you to schedule 30 posts a month for free! Depending on your preference you may want to post everyday or maybe once a week. At 30 posts a month for free, this covers it all!

When scheduling Instagram posts it is important to know your "Happy Hour" otherwise known as your highest engaged hour. Learn more about your "Happy Hour" next week!

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