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Time Management for the Busy

Managing my schedule has been a learning game and I am here to share my tricks. Between working a full time job and freelancing, I still need to make sure I have time to workout and have a social life. Many times in the past I have overbooked myself, so I am working to be better at that. While I know it sometimes bothers my friends that I won't always commit to do fun things, I am trying to focus on work before play. #Adulting

I am a big believer in my Google calendars. They help me make time for everything that is important to me. I use time blocking but not for my entire day. Some people who use time blocking break down their day for every minute and I feel that is unrealistic. Meetings run long, there is traffic, things just come up that can't be planned.

Ways I Use Time Blocking:

Schedule all my work outs for the week

Reoccurring tasks are on my calendar, so they are not forgotten

Any upcoming bills are scheduled on repeat

Meetings, of course

In the past six months I have started to use Asana for task management. At work we used to share a to do list on our cloud storage and decided to switch to Asana. Now I do not know how I ever lived without it! Asana is great because you can create projects and then within that project create a to do list with due dates and assign them to different team members. Within the task you can do a lot of neat things like post comments, write notes, share documents, and even create subtasks. The use of Asana keeps tasks from slipping through the cracks and makes sure they are completed on a timely manner. I use Asana for both my full time job as well as my personal life. From making sure our house air filters get changed to keeping up with scheduling Instagram posts (read more on this next week), Asana helps keep me accountable.

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