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Why have a business Instagram account?

A business Instagram account is not just for businesses. Switching your Instagram to a business account can help give you insights to the content you are posting. This post will help teach you how to take advantage of your Instagram account to lead to high engagement and quality content.

First, how do you set up your business Instagram account?

In order to set up a business Instagram- you must first have a business Facebook page and then connect the two together.

Alright, now that you are all set- what do we do? Ever wondered what time you should post a photo to receive the most engagement?

Use the "Followers" graph to know what time your audience is on Instagram by day of the week and hour of the day.

Have a link in your bio? You can see how many clicks you are getting compared by week.

See a lineup of your most engaged photos- This will assist in judging what type of content your audience responds best to.

Insights to your posts

Now when you post a photo you will be able to see not just likes- but also how many times your photo has been shared to others and saved for later. The "saved for later" is of importance for the new Instagram algorithm. With Instagram in the process of possibly hiding likes- they have factored in "saves" into the algorithm. The idea is that a quality photo will receive a high number of saves. Now do I agree with this thought- yes. If you scroll through my saved photos they are broken into albums. I have albums that are for specific cities I plan to be visiting. That way when I get there, no need to hop on my yelp app and find cool spots. Additionally in the modge-podge of my saved Instagram's are recipes, workouts, and content inspiration. These posts I am saving I would consider high quality content and deserves that top feed spot. Using the business tools you can check how many saves you are getting which can help you create engaging content that will boost your spot on the feed. Subscribe to The Buzz Bunny for weekly blog posts that will help you take full advantage of your social media.

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