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Why you should hire a social media manager in 2020

Are you currently thinking about hiring a social media manager or a marketing agency to help take your business to the next level? Well you are on the right track and here is why.

Many businesses when they start up think they need to hire a full time marketing personnel . In reality not only is it cheaper to outsource this position but there are many benefits to hiring a contract freelancer to handle your marketing responsibilities. When hiring a full time position you are looking at not only just a hire pay rate but also having to pay for things like payroll taxes, and benefits such as healthcare and 401k. In addition having someone who is working as a contract employee lowers the risk of a non long term commitment. The initial set up of bringing on a new team member whether its full time or contract can be a big commitment. Training this person to learn the values of your business is not something you want to do over and over again. The longer someone is working with you the better you will work together. If you hire a full time employee things will come up like moving, job changes, pregnancies, and more. When hiring a freelancer or contractor they are working from their own business and therefore can do it from anywhere. While I do not put my clients in contracts, I plan to work with them for the foreseeable future and have a long term relationship.

A major benefit to working with a freelancer or marketing agency is that this is what they live and breathe. They will always be up to date on what is new and hot which means your business will be too. They bring fresh outside ideas and content to the table as they are constantly surrounded by a creative environment.

As we have seen- things are moving to the digital world. With many of us working at home now it is as important as ever to stay connected digitally with our clients and customers. At this day and age we need to all realize that we can’t be the best at everything we do and so we should do what we rock at, and then pass on the jobs that we may be weaker at to someone else.

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